This past year, I have finally lifted many of the truths inside me that I was hiding from… that were weighing me down… I became a part of the Adoptee community, a community I long avoided for fears of exposing the pain I buried so deep… feelings I didn’t quite understand…

But these 8 past years, I have NOT been able to hide my pain… So I hid myself in darkness – before it was mandated to do so…

Some have seen in my WHY post that I have 2 daughters. My first will be 18 years old this year. I have not seen her since she was 9… My heart aches for her and how she must be feeling alone… So many unanswered questions… I have not touched her face or held her hand… Or spoken to her…

WHY? Because my adoptive mother didn’t believe in me. She wanted control of how I raised her, she felt I was incapable and Needed her help… I was a SLAVE… Slave to her money… and A Slave to her overindulgence. 

This is the greatest truth I hid from my family and friends… People who knew me before but stopped speaking to me because they believe the lies that my adoptive mother was telling them… She took guardianship and it went to court… Telling everyone I was emotionally abusive because I WANTED TO RAISE MY DAUGHTER!!! A betrayal so painful it brought me to my knees! 

But I am stronger today because of it… I have forgiven and am free of hate.

I am sharing this because we are divided… Families, the adoption community, countries… Adoptees, We hurt… We are in pain… But we cannot hold bitterness and hate in our hearts forever… Bitterness for our adoptive families or our first families… or the system that brought us here… We yield the power to do good… and make good change… We must come together… We must Unite… We must fight for the children who are away from their loved ones… We must help unite families, and unite our cultures, and these small acts of kindness and forgiveness is what will heal our pain and this WORLD!

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