Father’s Day

12-5-12 Miss you, Dad

Great fathers don’t always come from blood.
They give you security, boundaries, guidence, and love.

My father adopted me when he was fifty-three.
Instead of retiring, he embarked on this new journey.

He taught me things that I will never forget.
How to show compassion, love, and above all respect.

He was at times quite blunt, loud, and demanding.
But he was always honest, loyal, and understanding.

As he grew old and sick, I prayed he would stay.
And walk me down the aisle one day.

I felt so blessed when he did in two thousand and ten.
I wish I could relive that moment again and again.

He’s gone now, but always in my heart and memories.
I will never forget – his boisterous laugh and amazing stories.

I love you dad! Thanks for loving me!

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